One of my coworkers makes herself a cup of coffee every afternoon as she’s leaving the building. As I reflect on the organized chaos of my PM shifts, I’m thinking I need to do the same thing.

Regardless of whether you sit at a desk all day or lift heavy items for 8-10 hours, you are mentally and/or physically drained at the end of the 9-5. So it can’t hurt to give yourself a little boost at the beginning of the PM 5-9 shift (and by boost I am NOT implying that you use illegal or mind altering substances, don’t get it twisted).

Caffeine may not be your choice, maybe it’s a quick dance to your favorite song, or a chat with a good friend on the way to pick up the team. Maybe it’s a quick 30 minutes on the treadmill or simply a moment of silence. Whatever it takes to be on top of your game during the PM shift, get it in! May the force be with you.

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